How to run for Big Buddy

Whether you want to run, walk, skate or be pushed along in a wheelbarrow, supporting Big Buddy in Round the Bays is easy.

Firstly, you'll head over to this page to actually enter the race.

TIPS: When you've filled out all your details you'll be able to view all the charities you can support. You can choose Big Buddy as that charity. At the end of this process you'll have an RTB account. If you want to join Big Buddy in further fundraising follow the next step.

Secondly, you can set up a fundraising page of your own right here. 

TIPS: Because you picked Big Buddy as your charity, this is already linked in.  Once it's all complete, you'll see an invitation to start a team or join an existing one; click on the latter and Big Buddy is right there in the mix!

EXAMPLES: The pages to the right show what a fundraising page looks like to everyone else (see amazing mum of 4 Little Buddies Adrean Gedge's page top right ) and what that page looks like to you when you're logged in (see Big Buddy's Media & Comms Coordinator Sally Webster's page bottom right.)

The more people that support us, the more boys we help, so please, post and share away! Any just drop Partnership Manager Lettie Bright a line here.


A message from our CEO


Ports of Auckland Round the Bays is an institution that Auckland and North Island families have known and loved for decades. It is in this good space that Big Buddy works and grows, striving to enhance the lives of boyswhose fathers are absent from their lives with generous measures of confidence and resilience.

Quite simply, this transformation comes about through good-hearted men stepping up for the next generation. We’re thrilled to be one of the Ports of Auckland Round the Bays’ charities for 2019; we’re proud to be associated with this iconic event, and I can guarantee we’ll be putting together an awesome team!