Free registration for low decile schools!

For the first time, Ports of Auckland is offering free registration to low decile schools.

Tony Gibson, CEO of Ports of Auckland, says, “We want to do something special for our young communities and to make sure that everyone can access iconic events like Ports of Auckland Round the Bays. We’re excited to be able to invite school kids from across the region to join us in the day Auckland runs.”

All 69 intermediate and secondary schools in the Auckland region with decile ratings five or below will be offered a package worth $1000. Per school, this includes:

●       30 free children's tickets

●       Five free adult tickets for teachers, parents and/or caregivers

●       A post-event site to celebrate in after the run

If you would secure your free package and get your intermediate school or college involved in the Ports of Auckland Round the Bays event click the button below to fill out a basic form.

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